Restaurants in the Tampa Bay area are supported by both the area’s 2.4 million residents and the tourists that visit our area.  While the needs of restauranteurs are similar to those of other retail businesses there are significant differences.

Restaurants are much more likely to have freestanding locations than most other retail businesses. When these freestanding locations are added to spaces in various shopping centers the result is a huge number of possibilities for a restauranteur to select from. 

It’s critical in the restaurant space to have an experienced real estate agent at your side who has the best information about both existing available space and who knows about restaurant space that is likely to come available soon.  Our agents have the experience and the best network to learn about these opportunities before other firms.  Why?

KW Commercial is the commercial arm of the Chadwick Group, the largest and most successful real estate brokerage in Tampa Bay.  

Our network will help you find the best restaurant space for your concept or the best restaurant tenant for your building.

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