Florida typically ranks among the top three U.S. states for tourism.  The presence of so many visitors drives a thriving hotel industry.  The Tampa Bay area supports literally thousands of hotels.  While many of the hotels are situated near leading tourist destinations, hotels of all sizes are to be found throughout the area.

Due to the unique design requirements of hotels, once built hotels are not often repurposed for other uses.  However, there are many old hotels that are candidates for either remodeling or demolition and building a new hotel on site.  While luxury hotels don’t change hands very often, there’s a steady flow of AAA three diamond hotels with owners ready to sell.

For those wanting to purchase undeveloped land and create a hotel property from scratch, there are a limited number of prime sites available.  Reach out to us for assistance in identifying and evaluating ideal locations whether they’re waterfront sites or perhaps near luxury retail.

Our agents stand ready to assist you whether you’re interested in acquiring, developing, or selling a hotel.  Since buying or selling an operating hotel involves both the real estate and the operating business, our agents experienced in business brokerage can advise you.

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