Tenant Representation

Business owners make many decisions as they manage their firm, but very few decisions are as important to the firm’s future as the location of the business and what that location will cost over the years.  It’s critical that you have an experienced real estate professional at your side as you evaluate your options, make your decision and negotiate with the landlord.  Your landlord is presumably an expert at getting the highest rent possible, you need some real estate expertise on your side as well.

This applies whether you are a new business signing a lease for the first time, you’re renewing your existing lease, you’re expanding by opening a second location, or perhaps you need more or less space at your current location moving forward.  Regardless of the scenario, you need an ally who knows the market cold in this area. 

It’s mandatory that you have an experienced real estate agent on your team and a lawyer to review the lease before you sign.  Mistakes can be very costly over the long run.  Let us know what type of space you need, and we’ll match you with the appropriate agent. 


                                                                                 Please contact me about your tenant representation services.