Seller Representation

Retail businesses are a critical part of the local economy, and each type of retail business has different needs.  When many people think of retail space, they often think of a large shopping mall, but these malls represent under 10 percent of the retail space in our area.

When considering an ideal location, retailers need an experienced agent that can advise them on all appropriate options.  When regional centers, community malls, neighborhood centers, and large freestanding retail locations are considered, there are hundreds of options in the Tampa Bay area. 

Our retail team has both the experience and the tools to help you with your retail needs.  Our agents can help you find space if you’re a retailer and help you find quality retail tenants if you have space available for lease.

Our team has the most advanced software available to satisfy your needs.  For tenants, our team can find the best areas for you in Tampa Bay.  We can identify which areas lack the products and services you offer but provide the demographics you need.  These same factors apply in reverse if you’re a landlord seeking the right tenant. 

                                                                                 Please contact me about your seller representation services.