Off Market Properties

Off Market real estate is a term that many people are not familiar with.  What people generally mean by Off Market is that the real estate that the owner wants to sell is not listed online where members of the public or other agents can see it.

There are many reasons that a seller might wish to keep the sale of their commercial property confidential.  It might be that the owner of the building has tenants they think they might lose if they were aware that the owner wanted to sell. 

In some cases, the agent might be aware of several high-quality potential buyers and might secure the agreement of the seller to initially work privately with these potential buyers in the hopes of securing a quick sale.  There are many scenarios where there are reasons where the property is not publicly offered.

Our team of agents typically has several Off Market properties that they are representing.  Additionally, they’re often aware of listings held by other agents that are not being publicly offered.  This is typically an arena where only very experienced agents or teams of agents can effectively assist you. 

                                                                                 Please contact me about your off market property services.