The multifamily commercial real estate market’s breaks down into two primary segments: apartment complexes and condominium developments.  While there are many apartment complexes in both Hillsborough & Pinellas, at any given time only a relatively small number of complexes are available for sale.  At the moment there are 20 apartment complexes being offered for sale with prices ranging from about $1 million $15 million with most cap rates running from six to nine percent.

Since an operating condo complex is typically owned by a large group of people, it’s extremely difficult to buy an entire condo complex.  The commercial real estate opportunity here is on the development side.  Developers bring together the property, architect, financing, construction firm, sales team, and many other specialties toward pulling a profitable project together.

Whether your goal is to buy or sell an apartment complex or to develop a condo project our team of agents has the experience to assist you in accomplishing your objectives.  

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