Floridian Social Club

Welcome to the Floridian Social Club, an Art Deco jewel in the heart of St. Petersburg. The Floridian will feature  local musicians on weeknights and showcase the best musicians in the region on the weekends. In addition to great live music, the Floridian is also St. Pete’s upscale lounge. The ideal place to have a drink after work or take your special someone this weekend. You’ll find the Floridan at 687 Central Ave. N. St. Petersburg, FL 33701. For more on the Floridian click here.

The Floridian is a labor of love brought to you by Kevin Chadwick, co-founder of KW Commercial, real estate expert and philanthropist. The original building was built in 1924 but had fallen into disrepair. In 2018 Chadwick bought the facility, formerly known as the State Theater, and provided the capital needed for the extensive renovations. He also determined from the very beginning of the project that every step of the renovation would be done by local artisans. While almost everything was done by St. Pete firms, in a few cases Yankees from as far north as Tampa were brought into service. 

You might ask why Kevin Chadwick pulled out all the stops in seeing this passion project through.  Well, there’s a special relationship between Chadwick and the State Theater.  Shortly after World War Two ended a couple had their very first date at the State Theater. They obviously hit it off since they later married and had a son named Kevin Chadwick. Decades later, when it appeared likely that the building would be torn down and replaced, Chadwick stepped up and saved this historic building.  It’s a symbiotic relationship you see. If it wasn’t for the State Theater, there might not be a Kevin Chadwick, and if it wasn’t for him the State Theater would not have been reborn as the Floridian. 

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